Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits

So, yesterday my good friend Shelby & I decided to try the #UglyPlacesPrettyPortraits challenge! Michael's Craft Store isn't the ugliest of locations but it certainly is non-traditional when it comes to portrait sessions!

  1. The rules of the challenge were:

  2. To work with what was already there, I only brought my camera (no props, no flash)

  3. DO NOT rearrange displays or make any big changes

  4. Stop shooting if anybody is in the background

Overall, we enjoyed the challenge, it was fun to be creative and out of my comfort zone since I LOVE to be outdoors with natural light and pretty backgrounds.

Shout out to the crew at Michael's for allowing us to use their space and to Shelby for always being down to let me bring an idea to life!

Check out a few of the photos:

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