Topsail Beach Family Portraits

Hey Framily!

Sooooo, last Saturday we drove up to North Topsail Beach 🏖️ for our first family vacation in over 10 years. We were enjoying our beautiful beach house 🏠, then come Monday afternoon when all the fun was really just getting started, we were notified we would have to evacuate Tuesday morning at 8am.

What a bummer!

Our vacation was cut short thanks to Hurricane Flo 🌀 who is supposed to make her appearance in the Carolina's between today and tomorrow and it looks like she will be a devastating storm. We wasted no time and packed our belongings and some of us hit the road back here to Charlotte, while the rest of the crew headed back to Ohio 😭😭😭

And just like that, the fun was over! We all do agree though that the highlight of our trip was our family photos. Thankfully we decided to get them out of the way early in the trip. We dressed in all white, I set up my handy tripod and got some great pictures of our family that I'm sure we will cherish for years to come.

Check out our Topsail Beach Family Photos below!

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